ACT 98

If you’ve never skydived, the experience of free falling toward the Earth for 1 minute will definitely change your world.

Our longtime friend and acai lover@bobburnquist helped inspire us to share this act because whether he’s jumping out of a plane or flying through the sky on his skateboard, he is as comfortable in the air as he is on the ground. 
Today there are sky dive centers all over the world and what may have seemed like absolute lunacy in the past is now safer than getting in your car and driving down the freeway. 
Who’s done it and where? Who wants to? Tag us with #100startswith1 and share your experience.

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ACT 97


If you’ve ever experienced the power of essential oils you know they will change your world.

They can have a positive influence on your mental, physical and spiritual health… And did you know how easy it is to make some of them in your own home?

For today’s act we’re giving you a simple recipe that everyone probably could use👉🏽Peppermint...hint: breath freshener 🍃 🔹Crush/muddle fresh peppermint leaves in a glass jar with a tight lid.
🔹Cover the leaves with olive or grapeseed oil. Close the jar and shake.
🔹Store for three days. Strain into a bowl and discard the leaves.
🔹Pack the jar with fresh leaves, pour the oil back in the jar and cover with fresh oil. 🔹🔹Repeat until you have the desired amount.
🔸Tip #1: Twenty drops of the oil should be diluted with 1.5 ounces of another oil (coconut or almond, for example) before using it topically, and with water (1 cup per five to 10 drops of oil) for mouthwash.
🔸Tip #2: Never put #essentialoils directly on your skin, they can burn.

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ACT 96


In the spirit of Independence day here in the US, we want to encourage everyone to give thanks for #freedom! 🙏🏼 No matter who you are or where you are from, let’s remember not take for granted this gift that all humanity should have.

Share a photo today telling everyone how grateful you are for freedom, tag#100StartsWith1 and we’ll drop a 💙FREE❤️ case of our organic #AmazonEnergy to a few of our favorite posts! #4thofjuly#purplelove #acaibowl

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ACT 95

  • ACT 95- GET AN ADVANCED BLENDER (spoiler👉🏽giveaway) 
    If you love açai bowls like we do, then you need a real-deal blender. It’s the difference between an #acaibowl and açaí soup. 😋 Beyond your bowls and smoothies, a blender like the ones our friends @blendtecmake, can also make amazing soups, raw juices (with pulp) nut milks and butters and more. Plus with an 8-year warranty, this could be the last blender you ever own! 
    And because @sambazon and @blendteclove you so much we’re going to give away a ✨FREE BLENDTEC BLENDER✨ to the best #100StartsWith1 hashtagged post, photo or video that tells us why you deserve the free blendtec! 
    Contest starts NOW and ends when we post ACT #100 - so show us your creativity and let’s have some fun!!!🎉

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ACT 94


This act is powerful: buy a water filter for a family who does not have access to clean water.

We believe that every human should have access to clean drinking water. Our friends at @wavesforwater have created a simple and affordable platform to help make this a reality and we’ve been working with them over the last 5 years to help get access to clean water to people in the Amazon.

For $50 you can buy a filter that will provide one million gallons of water for a family in need. To date they have distributed 100,000 water filters to people across the globe and momentum is building.

Go to👉🏽 👈🏽and make it happen. You will change the world more than you can imagine! 💧💦#100startswith1📷: @markchoiniere

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ACT 93


Brazilian #Carnaval is world famous for good reason.  It’s really the greatest show on Earth and you don’t just watch the show, you are part of it. 
It’s considered the largest annual art festival on the planet and the six-day celebration (!) literally stops the entire country and draws more than 5 million people form all over the world to the streets, fueled by rhythms, costumes and folklore. 
Whether you go to Rio, Salvador, Sao Paulo or Olinda (the top 4 in our book), you’re guaranteed to have the more fun than you could possibly imagine.

So who’s in? 🎉 But first, can you #samba? ;) #100StartsWith1

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ACT 92


Today we’re challenging you to step out of your comfort zone and get to know you better by taking a solo trip. 
Embarking on a solo journey without distractions from friends or family takes a little courage but the payoff is priceless.

Rail through Europe, motorbike around New Zealand, go surfing in Mexico, or just hop in the car and hit the road in any direction.

You’ll meet people you never would have met. You’ll have time alone to focus on what your soul needs, whether that be reading, writing, or just plain chilling out and unwinding. It’s a great opportunity to reflect, contemplate and dream. And while it may seem lonely at first, once you get comfortable with yourself a profound sense of empowerment and happiness will take over as your soul echoes something like, ah... there I am!

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ACT 91


We believe a second opinion matters when it comes to our health. That’s why today we’re challenging you to seek a naturopathic doctor.

For thousands of years, cultures around the globe have trusted the power of nature to heal their bodies. With a unique approach that combines ancient wisdom with modern science, naturopathic doctors can give a new perspective to your health concerns.

While western medicine usually aims to fix the symptom, a holistic approach aims to fix the cause, stimulating our body’s healing ability with nutrition and non-toxic therapies like herbal and homeopathic remedies.

We’ve heard lots of amazing stories from people who have found a cure – are you one of them? #100StartsWith1#foodasmedicine (check to find one near you)

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ACT 90


Our digestive system is an amazing ecosystem that processes the food we eat into the energy our bodies need. It also creates waste that needs to be eliminated.

Regular #fasting is an essential practice to optimal health because it gives our digestive system a rest so it can do essential repairs and help purge toxins.  It can also help prevent manifestation of disease due to the accumulation of these toxins.

Almost all known religious faiths around the world use fasting to improve self-discipline and to enlighten the spirit through purification. If those aren’t good enough reasons, you’ll drop some weight and feel lighter when you fast.😉 Are you up for this and for how many days? 💦 👉🏿Please note if you have a health condition, ask guidance from a medical professional.#100StartsWith1 #Changeyourworld

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ACT 89

Today’s challenge comes from our CEO, Ryan Black. We are asking you to do something you might not expect from an Instagram post: unplug for 24 hours.

Because we rely on our gadgets so much these days, being “plugged in” all the time has become the standard for most of us.

Taking a #digitaldetox is a great way to put your technology use into perspective and give you a chance to pause, breathe, reflect & find some balance.

Weekends are the perfect opportunity to recalibrate so now is the time!

If you want to take this challenge even further, there’s some great tech-retreats around the country.  Look them up!
We’re sure this will change your world. 

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