September 2008
Sambazon the zona sul

Product Special: PowerScoopTM

It's amazing to think that the whole food synergy of antioxidants, essential omega fats, fiber and protein are all in one little Açaí berry! That just makes us want to eat Açaí every day. Our convenient Sambazon PowerScoopTM is 100% pure freeze dried Açaí that can be added to yogurt, water, milk, juices, smoothies or anything else you're eating or drinking. It's also been used in baking (muffins, breads, etc) and even mixed into a facial mask! PowerScoopTM is especially great for travel to make sure you're getting your daily dose of Açaí's whole food nutrition. So stock up for the days when you just need a quick and easy nutrition fix!

For September's product special, good through October 29th, please go to our shopping cart and use the coupon below when checking out. Each jar contains 30 scoops.

1 Jar ($5 off ) use coupon code: sepscoop1
2 Jars ($10 off) use coupon code: sepscoop2

News: Açaí Email Scams

Earlier this month we started noticing an alarming increase in spam emails from an unknown source promoting Açaí products under false pretense - so we wanted to make you all aware of this issue. The most widely distributed Açaí scam mail offers a FREE trial of Açaí supplements and products with unsubstantiated health claims to cleanse and reduce weight. By offering free samples of products while requiring consumers to pay shipping, they are able to gain access to your credit card information.

Sambazon has no involvement in scam email, and such practice goes against Sambazon's core values, and in fact we have taken legal action to prevent these scams from spreading.

Event: 2008 Beijing Olympics

Beijing 2008 unfolded like previous years with grandeous celebrations and unbelievable athletic performances, but this year was different on Sambazon turf. We saw two of our athletes travel to Beijing: Reid Priddy, outside hitter on the men's indoor volleyball team, and triathlete Simon Whitfield. And both incredible athletes medaled, Reid with Gold and Simon with Silver! For the majority of us, who don't really have that first hand experience, read Reid's own words as he explains his experience of a lifetime on the Sambazon blog.

Congratulations to Reid and Simon, you are inspirations to us all.

Team: Tony Gonzales

Tony Gonzales, Sambazon Ambassador and tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs, is unquestionably the league's most accomplished player at his position with the most receptions and TD catches by a tight end in NFL history. Tony's completely disproved conventional thought by succeeding in his career and training on a mostly vegan diet. And as he showed the Wall Street Journal earlier this year, Tony even makes Sambazon Açaí smoothies for breakfast!

Thanks for all the support Tony, we wish you all the best as you enter your 12th season with the Chiefs!

Purple Smile:

Siblings Avery and Mason know how to start the day off right - with a face full of purple stuff and a big big smile!

Send your favorite purple smile to:

Retailer Feature: The Secret Spot

Nestled in the cozy surf town of Hampton, New Hampshire, a soul surfer Jon Gozzo has created a hotspot for Açaí lovers. His quaint café appropriately named the Secret Spot, serves up the best Sambazon Açaí bowls and smoothies for miles around. Daphne (3 yrs old) already knows that this stuff is the real deal, so next time you're in Hampton, stop by Secret Spot for your pre or post-surf meal.


This month in the news, Fashion Week Daily, People StyleWatch Cosmo Radio all featured Amazon Energy as the new hot drink on the market. Sambazon Açaí products were also shown on Emeril Green cooking show on Discovery's Planet Green Channel, and included in Massachusetts based City Living Magazine and Organic Spa Magazine.

Retail Update:

We're launching into more stores as we speak! Our wonderful sales team has secured products on the shelves of Albertsons in Texas and Shaws in the North East As well as expanded our product line to include smoothies in A&P as well.

Continue to check our store locator for an up to date list of retail stores near you.

Create Positive Change: Peace Day 21st

The United Nations' International Day of Peace - marked every year on September 21 - is a global holiday when individuals, communities, nations and governments highlight efforts to end conflict and promote peace." We hope you were able to get out and celebrate Peace Day, we certainly were. To learn about peacebuilding and what the UN is doing in hopes of one day achieving world peace, visit for more information.

Recipe Submissions:

This month Christian sent us two recipes that sound YUM! So we had to include them both!

Post Work-Out
1 original or pure Açaí smoothie pack
1 cup of whole milk
a small handful of frozen blueberries
1 scoop of chocolate or mocha protein powder
2 ice cubes

Sickness Destroyer
1 amazon cherry smoothie pack
1 cup of orange juice
a generous handful of frozen blueberries
1 banana
2 ice cubes

Thanks Christian! Keep getting your friends hooked on the good stuff!

Please send your favorite Sambazon
Açaí recipe to for a chance to be featured in the Zona Sul and win a free case of Açaí!

Employee of the Month: Linda McClurg

Linda is our Quality Assurance Manager here at Sambazon which means she works to optimize Sambazon's quality management programs and makes sure we're all taking responsibility for Sambazon food safety & quality. Linda comes to us with 20 years of experience on the manufacturing side of the food industry where she has developed retail food safety programs for multiple franchisee's - so you know she's making our products tip top on the quality side!

Outside of work, she loves the outdoors, especially family camping trips, and spends a lot of time gardening, walking with her Welsh Corgi and practicing Tai Chi.

Linda says her "favorite thing about Sambazon are the people and that the company promotes environmental & social responsibility." Plus she's stoked on Açaí and says she "especially loves the smoothie packs because they offer you the option to be creative with your recipes at home"

Thanks Linda, we're so lucky to have you on our team!



Sambazon is the largest vertically integrated supplier and marketer of Açaí products, controlling every step of the manufacturing process to ensure sustainable and organic origin of the fruit as well as the highest level of quality, nutrition and taste.

Zona Sul is the area in Rio where Açaí became popular with the local surfers, jiu jitsu fighters and capoeristas in the mid to late 90's. The traditional Rio-Bowl became the ultimate way to start the day by fueling up before a workout. Word travels fast and today Açaí is becoming a dietary staple for health conscious people all over the planet.
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