Our 20 year story

Our Mission

Our journey began in 1999 when we experienced a bowl of açaí during a surf trip to Brazil and were instantly hooked. When we learned that sustainable harvesting of Amazon Superfoods like açaí could create jobs and help protect the Amazon Rainforest, we made it our mission to share these amazing fruits with the world.

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“By producing the highest quality, most ethically sourced acai on the planet, we can power positive socio-economic change from the Amazon, to the world.”

– Ryan Black, co-founder.

Triple Bottom Line

People • Planet • Profit

A Triple Bottom Line philosophy means we measure our success socially, environmentally, and economically. That’s why our Açaí is certified Organic, Fair Trade, and non GMO – because we know that everything is connected and that the way we do business has a positive ripple effect on the world.

By considering our social, environmental, and economic impact, we harvest Açaí in a way that’s progressive, regenerative, and positive.

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Our Values


From the palm of the tree to the palm of your hand, we track the life of every single Açaí berry we harvest.

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Why Fair Trade?

We’re pioneers of Fair Trade certification for Açaí and we’re committed to expanding the reach of what that definition can truly mean.

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Taking care of our communities in the Amazon means we reinvest back into them. They tell us what’s most important and we fund projects like new schools and water filters.

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We’ve had some amazing press over the past 20 years. Here’s a digital scrapbook of some of our favorites.

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