10 Ways to Celebrate the New Year

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10 Ways to Celebrate the New Year

As 2021 comes to a close, it's important to end the year with a marker that will make it memorable. There are plenty of fun ways to celebrate the tide of change that the New Year will bring. Ring in the New Year with these suggestions from the SAMBAZON team!

Rise with the Sun Yoga

1. Rise with the Sun & Get Active with a Yoga Flow

Rise with the sun to enjoy a refreshed feeling on your last day of 2021. Yoga is a great way to center yourself ahead of the new year. Finding an online class has never been easier, like this 10-Minute Vinyasa Yoga Flow that's perfect for pulling out your mat and getting moving. And don't forget post-flow to fuel up for the rest of your day with a delicious smoothie bowl made from our Frozen Açaí Superfruit Packets, like the Figgy Coconut Açaí Bowl Recipe.

fire pit

2. Fire Up Young Warrior

A restoring way to conclude 2021 could be by writing down all the things that happened this year that you want to let go of, and then building a fire in the fireplace or an outdoor fire pit, and tossing those pieces of paper in the fire to watch them disappear. If 2021 was challenging for you, as it was for many, this can be a therapeutic release of all the things that you want to leave behind as you set new intentions for the new year. 

3. Taste the World with a Festive New Year's Brunch

Enjoy a festive brunch with fun world-themed foods to celebrate the last day of the year! Incorporate all of your favorite breakfast foods from different countries and maybe even pour a mimosa to get the champagne toasts started early. You could enjoy croissants for France, waffles for Belgium, chilaquiles for Mexico, gallo pinto for Coast Rica, and Shakshuka for the Middle East. We recommend incorporating an Açaí recipe or two from Brazil to make the day extra-delicious. Here are our favorites: try the Earth and Sun Smoothie Recipe for a classic smoothie, or mix it up with the AÇAÍ Superberry Compote Pancake Syrup Recipe.

4. Make Something Beautiful with a Scrapbook of this Year's Memories

Close out the year by looking back at some of your favorite memories over the last year. Collect photos that make you smile and put them together in a scrapbook that you can look at for years to come. If you're like us, this year seemed to have gone by in a flash, so remembering the little moments that brought you happiness will go a long way in putting a bow on 2021.

5. Change your World and Write out your New Year's Resolution

Instead of just saying them this year, put pen to paper and write out your New Year's Resolution and put them up on your fridge or bulletin board. This will ensure you have a reminder of those goals each day to change your world, whether it's in a small or big way. Some suggestions include a goal of reading a new book every month, getting active outdoors each day, or volunteering weekly at a local agency to help out your community.

6. Take it Slow & Find Fireworks Near You

Go on a late-night drive to discover fireworks in the night sky around you. Because what's New Year's Eve without a bang? If you can't find any in your area, buying sparklers is a wonderful way to ring in the new year safely at home. Watching fireworks is a great way to slow down and let your eyes enjoy the night sky. Make the night even sweeter and indulge with a spoonful - or five - of our Frozen Açaí Sorbet.


7. Don't Put Off Your Happy Life & Get Dressed Up

Feel like your most fun self in your New Year's Eve outfit! Dress to the nines in your favorite color (ours is purple of course) and don't forget to include some sparkles to celebrate 2022 in style. What's the point of waiting to break out those fancy boots or snazzy bow tie? Don't put off your happy life one more second and wear the statement piece you love.

Caipirinha Cocktail

8. Drink in the Good with a Fun Cocktail

Enjoy your favorite boozy drink to celebrate! Whether you choose to drink or sip on cocktails or mocktails, we've got delicious Festive Açaí Cocktail recipes for you to enjoy, no matter how you’re celebrating this year! Our Peachy Purple Gingerosa Açaí Energy Beverage calls for an organic energy drink, so you can stay awake while counting down the new year.

9. Grow Young & Play your Favorite Games

Enjoy your favorite games this New Year's as a fun way to gather your group together around a common objective. Be sure to include some that will bring out your inner child - because there's nothing better than reminding yourself that you're never too grown to grow young again.


10. Try Everything - like a Brazilian Tradition or Two

Try something new this year with some unique traditions from Rio de Janeiro! Many Brazilians will wear white on New Year's, run into the sea, and jump over seven waves to get closer to the goddess Iemanjá, the goddess of the sea. Revelers of all religions will throw flowers into the sea and offer presents from the shoreline to honor this central deity in the Candomblé religion.

What are some fun traditions that you enjoy when celebrating the New Year? Tell us in the comments below.

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