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  • SAMBAZON Açaí Seed Necklace
  • SAMBAZON Açaí Seed Necklace


Açaí Seed Necklace

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This Açaí necklace is handmade by women in local cooperatives who use Açaí seeds to craft and sell unique Açaí jewelry as a supplemental income-generating activity. You can look good and feel good while wearing this Açaí Seed Necklace knowing that it's providing income to a local Amazon community and repurposing the Açaí seed. The gorgeous purple bead accent highlights the color of the Açaí berry and gives you a wonderful story to tell every time you wear it.

Be a part of seeding change. Since Açaí berries are about 90% seed we continually look for sustainable ways to repurpose this by-product. We use the seeds as a fuel source at our factories and donate these seeds to other factories so they can use them as fuel as well. 

  • Handmade
  • Elastic construction
  • Don't expose to water 
  • Handle with care
  • Final Sale

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