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We’ve been lucky enough to have some great things written about us over the years and we’re happy to share. From trips to the Amazon to write ups about their favorite Açai Bowls, here are a few of our favorite stories.
  • These Ready-to-Eat Açaí Bowls Come in 3 Delicious Flavors Miss the açaí bowls you used to grab for breakfast or a snack from a cafe or juice bar? Even if your go-to spot has remained opened during the coronavirus pandemic—or reopened after local restrictions were lifted—you likely don't miss the hefty price tag that often comes with those Instagrammable superfood bowls. And your body likely doesn't miss the 65-gram-per-serving sugar rush from it, either. Read More
  • These new ready-to-eat Açaí bowls will be your go-to treat this Summer Typically, if you want to get an açaí smoothie bowl, you have to go to a specialty shop. While it’s worth it to get the frozen treat that’s topped with granola, fresh fruit, peanut butter, or whatever toppings you wish, now you can have one from the comfort of your home. Sambazon has new ready-to-eat açaí bowls that will keep you cool this summer. Read More
  • Sambazon has protected 2.5M acres of the Amazon rainforest–so far Learn all about the mission-driven brand's journey to sustainability in everything from its sourcing methods to its new plant-based packaging venture. Read More
  • The New York Times Global consumption of Açaí has further increased demand, but because of the high value of good vibes, some superfood exporters have an incentive to hew to best practices. Sambazon, the leading exporter of the berry, has emerged as an unlikely steward of the crop. Read More
  • How a purple berry is saving the Amazon An “eco-preneur” and CEO of Sambazon, Ryan Black starts the conversation by teaching us how to say acai (“ah-sah-YEE”), which was only his first obstacle when introducing the American market to the superfood.Nowadays, the berry can be found almost anywhere from your smoothie shop to your energy bar, and Ryan helped make that happen. And yet, as prevalent as the superfood seems, barely 20% of the population knows what acai is. Read More
  • Social Impact Heroes How Ryan Black of SAMBAZON is helping to support sustainable management of the Amazon. Read More
  • Social Impact Heroes: How Ryan Black of SAMBAZON is helping to support sustainable management of the …First, acknowledge that you are a powerful, beautiful being of light with incredible talents and a wealth of skills. Your experience can inspire others, but more importantly inspire yourself. If you don’t yet have the courage to believe you are an all-powerful bad ass, go inwards, seek counsel from the spiritual leaders, start a practice of daily meditation to organize your thoughts, and make sure you are loving yourself and those around you. Read More
  • SAMBAZON: Purple For The Planet By The Many Fair trade açaí company Sambazon announced the return of the second annual #PurpleForThePlanet campaign. The campaign reinforces the company's commitment to protecting the environment and its rich biodiversity by saving 30 species in 30 days, one purple head at a time. Last year’s campaign far surpassed its goal. Read More
  • Review: Organic Natural Food Coloring Recipes & Premade Dyes Fancy an orange soda? In Britain, by law it will be made with natural dyes coming from things like pumpkin and carrot extract.In the United States, that soda will contain synthetic Yellow 6 and Red 40.Why the dichotomy? It wasn’t because of conspiracy theorists or health nuts over there who insist on organic. Read More
  • How to Start a Food Trend Just a few years ago, Americans thought of chia as a “pet” with funky green grass-hair. Açaí used to be a strange purple goop with a name reminiscent of a Japanese beer. Coconut water was a rarity consumed at Thai restaurants. Yerba mate evoked an image of hippies sipping out of carved gourds. Now chia, açaí, coconut water, and yerba mate have created multi-million dollar businesses and become household staples for thousands of Americans. Read More
  • 7 Clever ways to stock a freezer for the healthiest Summer Ever THERE IS A TEMPERATURE at which popsicles aren’t just a treat, they are a necessity. Every summer, we get a certain level of childhood nostalgia for frozen treats of every kind, however, our adult tastebuds and clean eating ways mean that our freezers are filled with much different treats than they were when we were kids. Read More
  • These Are The Healthiest Energy Drinks You Can Buy Right Now Healthy energy drinks? What was once an oxymoron has come to full fruition, with companies sourcing clean energy from South American superfoods like yerba mate and others using the latest in high-tech science to create buzz-boosting concoctions. Read More
  • Well + Good Laird’s always trying to avoid sugar, and the great thing about the Sambazon Unsweetened Açai is it has zero sugar. Read More
  • Clean EATING Açaí bowls are all the rage, and for good reason. Açaí, a palm fruit indigenous to Brazil, is loaded with healthy omegas, antioxidants and is naturally sugar-free. Sambazon shares three delicious recipes sure to energize your day. Read More
  • US Weekly Kerry Washington’s nutritionist shares her favorite “All You Need Açaí” smoothie. Read More
  • fabfitfun If you haven’t hopped on the açaí train yet, now’s the time. This healthy and delicious recipe is basically an açaí bowl you can drink. Read More
  • Shape Kimberly Snyder shares a smoothie recipe to help us get that healthy, youthful glow. The result: This creamy, Açaí smoothie that's dairy free and naturally sugar-free (so it won't spike your blood sugar levels) and loaded with antioxidants and amino acids. Read More
  • Popsugar So you want to make an Açaí bowl because everyone's doing it. But do you know where to start? Follow this simple formula and step-by-step guide to making a perfect Açaí bowl that you can customize to your tastes. Once you master the basic recipe, it'll be your new favorite way to start your day. Read More
  • Metro Besides looking gorgeous in your Instagram feeds, Açaí bowls — a thick, purple concoction made with the superfood berry from the Amazon, and often topped with fruits, nuts and granola — boast tons of health benefits. Read More
  • Paste Sambazon, the most well-known and largest exporter of Açaí, wants you to know not only where that berry comes from, but that it can be a tool for linking cultures. Sambazon is serious about investing in a sustainable Brazil, showing that edible industries can reach beyond mere food purveying. Read More
  • Byrdie Snyder shares five reasons you’ll want to incorporate Açaí into your diet stat, plus the actuality of its sugar content: You’ll be surprised. Read More
  • BriT+CO Since Açaí is sourced directly from the Amazon rainforest, Kimberly Snyder advises that the best way to get it is ordering frozen smoothie packets. She cites Sambazon as her go-to, having been a huge fan for nearly a decade. Read More
  • Ladies home Journal Sambazon operates under a triple bottom line philosophy: Measuring success economically as well as socially and environmentally. Unlike many natural resources harvested in the Amazon, Sambazon Açaí is environmentally sustainable. Read More
  • Women´s Running This company sources Açaí (pronounced ah-sigh-ee) from the Amazon rainforest and makes a variety of superfruit packs that are great for drinks or smoothie bowls. Read More
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