We believe the next generation can change the world.

That’s why we created The Greenhouse Initiative — to support and inspire our future social entrepreneurs. We give four lucky students or student groups a $4,000 grant to fund their triple bottom line projects or businesses and teach them the ins and outs of sustainable business to help bring them to life.

The Triple-bottom line business model measures a business or project's performance from an economic, social and environmental stand-point.

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winners receive

$4,000 grant
for your triple
bottom line
project or business.
trip to Sambazon's
HQ in coastal
Southern California
for a 3-day workshop.
Real life
experience to
help build
your resume
for the next
stage in your
Time with
Sambazon's leaders
in operations, finance,
sales, and marketing,
and access to an
extended network
of professionals.
mentorship sessions
to help your
project grow.


november 8th

Apply early for a chance
to win a Purple Sambazon bike!


november 14th

And we mean final.


Submit a short video explaining your triple bottom line project
or business idea plus how it transforms your campus for the better.

Thank you for Subscribing!.


Here’s what you can expect after you’ve submited your video application:

step 1 november 21
Be selected as one of our 4 winners. Our CEO, Ryan Black, will personally call you to give you the good news.
step 2 january
The program officially kicks off. Travel to our HQ in San Clemente and attend our 3-day workshop on building and growing a sustainable business.
step 3 january - april
The mentorship is underway. Receive your $4K grant, attend two virtual mentorship sessions, and develop your business plan.
step 4 april
It’s time to wrap up. Prepare your final report on your progress and join the community of social entrepreneurs to further your professional growth.

sambazon + the ecology center

Sambazon is collaborating with The Ecology Center to provide expertise and mentorship to grant winners. The
Ecology Center is a non-profit organization based in Southern California that models creative solutions for thriving on
planet Earth. Their partnership over the past two years has made The Greenhouse Initiative possible.



"Winning the grant was a big step to progress our biogas food truck project further. Not only because we received the funding to help solve some significant operational issues, but also because we learned a lot through working with Sambazon, The Ecology Center and other winning teams. During the monthly calls, we were always inspired by them and started re-thinking how we need to move the project forward."

- Biogas Food Truck team

“Winning The Greenhouse Initiative was the vehicle for us to get our foot in the door into corporate sustainability. A simple “Thank You” to Sambazon and The Ecology Center doesn’t do justice for how grateful we are.”

- SoulMuch team

"The Greenhouse Initiative grant provided an exciting opportunity to collaborate with a group of students passionate about disrupting equilibriums on our campus concerning sustainability. We were inspired by the work other young people are doing on their respective campuses and regained a sense of purpose to the work we are doing.”

- Taste the Waste team

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