Your Questions Answered: The Benefits of Berry Good Rewards

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Your Questions Answered: The Benefits of Berry Good Rewards

What is Berry Good Rewards?

Berry Good Rewards is our new and improved Rewards & Loyalty program. It's our way of showing appreciation to our loyal customers. It's time to start turning your love for Açaí into rewards!

As a Berry Good Rewards member, you'll earn points for every dollar you spend on, at our SAMBAZON Açaí Bowls Shop in Cardiff, and on SAMBAZON products purchased from your local grocery store (when you upload a receipt). Redeem those points for dollar-off rewards on future purchases on and at SAMBAZON Açaí Bowls Shop in Cardiff, as well as other fun swag, donations, and giveaway entries.

You can also earn extra points for completing actions like subscribing to SAMBAZON emails, sharing your birthday, and more. The tiered loyalty program features three levels—Macaw, Sloth, and Jaguar. As you advance to higher tiers, you'll unlock even more benefits.

How do I join the loyalty program?

Join the Berry Good Rewards program today easily, it's super fast and free! To join online, simply create an account on and you'll be ready to start earning points.

How do I log into my rewards account?

Log in to your account here and select the rewards dashboard tab. You will see your name, reward tier, point balance, and rewards available, and more.

What is the difference between rewards tiers?

The tiers of Berry Good Rewards are Macaw, Sloth, and Jaguar. They are based on your amount spent in the last 365 days across all different ways to shop: online, at your local grocery store, or when visiting SAMBAZON Açaí Bowls locations.

To achieve the Macaw Tier, you need to spend $0-$125. The Sloth Tier spend range is $126-$300, and to reach the final Jaguar Tier, you must spend $300 or more. As you journey to even higher tiers, you'll unlock access to even more benefits and rewards. See the Rewards Page to learn more about the benefits of each tier.

Tier 1 Macaw

What’s the Matter with Macaws?

Macaws, members of the parrot family, possess fascinating adaptations for life in the rainforest. Their stunning feathers, with a variety of brilliant colors, complement the lush green canopies and vibrant fruits and flowers of Central and South American rainforests. Equipped with large beaks, macaws easily crack open nuts and seeds. They are also aided by their scaly tongues containing a bone that adeptly taps into juicy fruits.

These intelligent and social birds rely on their gripping toes to navigate branches and carefully manipulate objects. Macaws are highly vocal creatures, with their loud calls, squawks, and screams used to communicate with their flock, establish territory, and recognize one another. Certain macaw species are able to mimic human speech, showcasing their remarkable intelligence.

Tier 2 Sloth

Silly Secrets about Sloths

Sleeping up to 20 hours a day, sloths are the champions of naps in the animal kingdom. They hardly move when they’re awake, which causes algae to grow on the fur. They live in the tropical forests of Central and South America. While they resemble monkeys with their long arms and shaggy fur, they are actually related to armadillos and anteaters. They range from 2 to 2.5 feet long and can weigh anywhere from 8 to 17 pounds.

Despite their seemingly perpetual state of relaxation, sloths have fascinating adaptations. Two-toed sloths, slightly bigger than their three-toed counterparts, spend more time hanging upside-down, while the three-toed sloths often sit upright in tree branches. The latter have a perpetual smile due to their facial coloring and can turn their heads almost all the way around, thanks to two extra neck vertebrae. Some scientists think that sloths developed their sluggish way of life to evade animals that hunt by sight, such as hawks and cats.

The algae growing on their fur acts as a natural camouflage, allowing them to blend in with the green leaves. Sloths rarely descend from the trees, venturing down only once a week to relieve themselves. During these rare moments, they exhibit a unique mode of movement by digging their front claws into the dirt and dragging their bodies along.

However, if confronted by a predator, sloths unleash their inner ferocity. They fiercely bite, hiss, slash with their claws, and emit piercing shrieks to defend themselves. These normally docile creatures can suddenly turn into formidable opponents when threatened.

Tier 3 Jaguar

Join the Prowl of Jaguars

Jaguars are an amazing animal considered to be both a protector and symbol of power. The jaguar, a symbol of the enigmatic power of the Amazon, reigns as the largest cat in the Americas. With their striking coats adorned by dark rosettes and spots, jaguars also have large heads, short legs, and impressive swimming skills. Their powerful jaws can even penetrate crocodile skulls and turtle shells.

These elusive predators, once widespread, now face habitat loss and conflicts with humans. Although their exact numbers remain uncertain, jaguar populations are dwindling. By safeguarding these cats and their habitats, we not only protect them but also ensure the well-being of other Amazon wildlife, maintaining a balanced and thriving ecosystem.

When can I redeem for swag items?

Swag items are available to our Sloth and Jaguar Tiers. You must spend $126 across, in person at the grocery store, and/or at SAMBAZON Açaí Bowls in Cardiff to be able to redeem for physical swag goods. Our brand collaboration products are only available to the Jaguar Tier, which you must spend $300 to reach.

How do I earn points?

You earn 1 point for every $1 you spend online. You earn 2 points for every $1 you spend at a grocery store or at SAMBAZON Açaí Bowls in Cardiff. When completing a purchase online, make sure you are signed into your account. Points will be added to your rewards dashboard automatically within 24 hours of your purchase.

Earned points will be awarded after all rewards and discounts have been applied to your order.

Shopping at SAMBAZON Açaí Bowls in Cardiff? Make sure to share the email address associated with your Berry Good Rewards account and our store associates will ensure that you receive your points.

There are additional ways to earn points; like subscribing to SAMBAZON email and text messages, writing a product review, sharing your birthday, following us on social media, and more. You can visit the 'Earn' tab in your rewards dashboard to discover more ways to earn points.

Can I earn points for SAMBAZON purchases at a grocery store?

Yes, of course you can earn Berry Good points when you buy SAMBAZON products at your local grocery store! Just don't forget to save your receipt or online order confirmation. You'll get your points by visiting your rewards dashboard in your account. Navigate to the 'Receipt Upload' tab and upload a clear scanned image or photo of your whole receipt, or your online order confirmation, to earn points.

The image should clearly show the store name, date of purchase, receipt or order number, the SAMBAZON items purchased, and what their purchase price was to be eligible. Allow 3-5 business days for your receipt to process through our system. Once your receipt or order confirmation is approved, you'll receive an email notification letting you know that your newly earned points have been dropped into your rewards dashboard.

Please note: Please only upload one receipt at a time, you should receive a notification that it was accepted into their system. If multiple of the same receipt are uploaded, you will only earn rewards points on the first receipt. Do not upload receipts for purchases made on

Rewards points for these purchases will be applied to your rewards account. If you do not see your rewards points reflected on your account for these purchases after 3-5 business days, please fill out a form here: so that we can assist.

How do I redeem my points?

Ready to start redeeming those points for rewards? Just log in to your and visit your Dashboard to see what rewards are available based on your earned points. Click the reward button, and you'll receive a code to use in your cart if you're placing an online order. If you have a reward, you can redeem it then, or save it for later as the Reward Code will display at the bottom of the Redeem page until used.

When shopping at the SAMBAZON Açaí Bowls store in Cardiff, just share the email address associated with your Berry Good Rewards account when you start placing your order. The store associate will share your available dollar-off reward and you can redeem it then, or save it for later.

For discounts, your points can only be redeemed for dollar-off rewards in the amounts of $5 (100 points), $10 (200 points), $15 (300 points), or $20 (400 points). Your dollar-off reward will be applied before discounts, tax, and shipping.

The maximum points you can redeem on a single purchase is 400 points, or $20 off.

There is also the option to redeem for swag items, donation, contest based rewards and entries to giveaways based on your tier. If you're curious about these rewards, visit our Redeem Page and view the chart on your tier level for more information.

How do I refer a friend?

After signing up for Berry Good Rewards, visit to share a 20% off online purchases code with friends and family via email, social media, or using a unique link. The friend you are referring must use the link to receive their 20% off code.

You will receive your points after your friend makes their first purchase. If you are already a member of the Berry Good Rewards, your are not eligible to receive a referral code for your online order.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I see my points in my rewards dashboard?

After you complete an action or purchase online or at SAMBAZON Açaí Bowls, please allow up to 24 hours for it to reflect in your dashboard. For Receipt Uploads, please allow 3-5 business days.

How do I find out how many points I have?

Check your current point balance and tier status anytime by visiting your rewards dashboard in your account.

Do my points and tier status expire?

Yes, your points will expire based on a rolling 180-day basis. You will lose your points if you do not use your points within 180 days of earning them. We do provide a warning email so that you have time to redeem them before they expire.

Your tier status is based on your spend within the last 365 days. You will have 365 days from the date you join a tier to reach the next one. The tier you are in after 365 days will be the tier you are in for the next 365 days. To remain in that tier, you must spend the dollar amount threshold for that tier within the time period, or you will move down tiers.

Can I use my points with other discounts, promotions, or coupons?

You can only use one reward, discount code, promotion or coupon at a time. Your dollar-off reward will be applied before tax and shipping.

What happens to my points if I return an item from my purchase?

If you decide to return an item from your online or SAMBAZON Açaí Bowls purchase, the points you earned from that item will be deducted from your point balance. Visit the 'Activity' tab in your rewards dashboard to stay up to date on all of your points activity.

Can I give my points to someone else?

No, you cannot transfer your points. They are linked to the email address associated with your Berry Good Rewards account.

Do I have to be signed into my account to earn points?

Yes, you must be signed into your account to earn points when placing an order online. Your points are linked to the email address associated with your Berry Good Rewards account.

When shopping in person at our SAMBAZON Açaí Bowls Shop in Cardiff, be sure to share the email address associated with your Berry Good Rewards account and the store associate will ensure that you receive your points. When placing an order ahead of time online, your points will be awarded to your account within a few hours.

When using our self order check-out kiosk at the Bowl Shop, you should email yourself a receipt when you finish ordering. Please forward this receipt to, and your points will be awarded to your account within 3-5 business days.

I have a Berry Good Rewards account, how do I access it to redeem at the SAMBAZON Açaí Bowls Shop in Cardiff?

After signing up for Berry Good Rewards on, you can provide the store associate with the same email address when ordering at SAMBAZON Açaí Bowls Shop in Cardiff. They will then award you points and allow you to redeem any discounts you have earned to your order. You can only redeem Berry Good Reward discounts for the SAMBAZON Açaí Bowls locations in person with a staff member on a handheld device.

Can I access my old points if I previously had a SAMBAZON Açaí Bowls Shop Rewards Account with TOAST?

For existing customers, yes, your previous points from your SAMBAZON Açaí Bowls Shop Rewards Account were transferred to our new Berry Good Rewards program. Register here to log in to your account and see your previous points, just make sure to use the same email or phone number associated with your old Toast Rewards account:

If I don't see my points from my previous SAMBAZON Açaí Bowls Shop Rewards Account with TOAST, what should I do?

Fill out a form here if you do not see your previous points from the Toast Rewards reflected on your account, and we will assist in resolving this issue: and we can help.

How do I scan a receipt?

1. Visit the Receipt Upload Page within the Loyalty Dashboard. Choose the Upload Receipt button, then either take a picture of your receipt with your phone's camera or select an existing photo of a receipt from your photo gallery. If you are on a computer, you will need to scan or upload your receipt image(s) to your computer.

2. You can tap the "Add another Image" button to upload more images of your receipt (if necessary). Repeat the same process for up to 5 total images.

3. Tap the "Submit Receipt" Button, and you've completed your receipt scan submission!

4. Within 3-5 business days you should receive an email letting you know whether your submission has been verified and your SAMBAZON reward points have been awarded.

5. Hold on to your receipt until your submission has been verified just in case there is a problem with the purchase.

TIP: For online purchases, take a screenshot on your phone or computer of your purchase confirmation page, confirmation email, or your "Orders" page in your online account with that retailer. Be sure that your screenshot(s) includes the required information (see Guidelines above). You can then upload and submit your receipt following the steps above.

Is there a time limit on when I must upload a receipt by?

Yes, the time limit on your receipt upload is that the purchase must have occurred in the previous 30 days.

With so many customer loyalty programs to join, it's hard to know which ones are worth it. You're sure to enjoy purple smiles while earning points and redeeming rewards with SAMBAZON. We hope that Berry Good Rewards encourages customers to spread the Delicious Powers of Açaí.


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