Easy Strawberry Banana Açaí Smoothie Recipe

Level up your basic and easy Strawberry Banana Smoothie with SAMBAZON Açaí! Are you tired of the same old basic fruit blends? Well, get ready to shake things up as we introduce you to the incredible world of açaí!  

5 Minutes
1 Serving
Easy Strawberry Banana Açaí Smoothie Recipe

We believe that every smoothie deserves additional antioxidants, healthy omegas, and deliciousness, and that's exactly what açaí provides. 

Adding SAMBAZON Unsweetened Frozen Açaí Superfruit Packs to your smoothie is a great way to add to your smoothie without adding any sugar. 

These Zero-Sugar packs also add a bright color to your smoothie. 

So, dust off your blender and get ready to elevate your smoothie game with the magical touch of açaí in this easy recipe! 

Smoothie Ingredient Options

Strawberry Banana smoothie ingredients are typically minimal, but we have some extra ingredient options. 

This recipe can use fresh or frozen ingredients. If you use frozen strawberries or frozen banana, you will end up with a thicker smoothie. You can always thin it out with extra liquid to have a more smoothie consistency. 

For a heartier smoothie, consider adding nut butter like almond butter or peanut butter. Their flavors complement the other ingredients perfectly. 

If you don't have almond milk on hand, you can use oat milk or coconut milk. 

While this smoothie is already able to fuel you for the day, if you are looking for some more added protein you definitely can add protein powder of your choice before blending. 

Wanting to add a topping to this easy berry smoothie? We recommend chia seeds or hemp seeds to add some texture and crunch! 



  1. Take your SAMBAZON Unsweetened Frozen Açaí Packets out of the freezer and slightly thaw
  2. Cut your Banana in half 
  3. Chop up your Strawberries
  4. Cut the Açaí Packs in half for easier blending
  5. Add your fruits and packs into the blender
  6. Pour in 1/2 to 1 cup of Unsweetened Almond Milk
  7. Blend, Pour, and Enjoy!

We used SAMBAZON Unsweetened Frozen Açaí Superfruit Packs for this recipe. You can find this product, as well as other SAMBAZON products at your local grocery stores such as Whole Foods Market, Target, and more! You can check out our Store Locator to find them near you! 

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