Tart Smoothie of the Summer by Alysia Pope

Summer is here and there is no better way to celebrate with the whole family than with a healthy and fun day in the sun! Açaí bowls and smoothies are perfect for the season, full of nutrients and refreshing flavors - perfect for the warmer temperatures! Here’s how to create a memorable sunshine soiree, complete with toddler & kid approved fun and a mouth watering açaí recipe. 

10 Minutes
2 Smoothies
Tart Smoothie of the Summer by Alysia Pope

Why Acai?  

For me, it’s not only the star of the party, Açaí is a little purple powerhouse from the Amazon rainforest that is fueled with antioxidants, fiber and healthy fats. As a mom, what I feed myself and my kids is important not just for taste but for how the food makes us feel as well - it should be both delicious and nutritious! SAMBAZON Unsweetened Açaí Packs are a fantastic way to enjoy acai at home - not to mention it’s EASY, and that is my number one requirement as a mom of twin toddlers!  

Beyond the Bowl: Fun For Kids in the Sun! 

While we all love the deliciousness of acai, it’s important to keep the little ones entertained and active as well! Which takes a LOT of planning at our house. Here are some of our favorite activities to include in your sunshine soiree:  

  1. Backyard Water Olympics: Depending on the age of your littles, you can organize this however you like - if they’re on the older side you can include sprinklers, pool noodles, hula hoops, water balloons - the possibilities are endless! If they’re a bit younger like my littles, we swear by our water table and blow up pool (complete with a slide and all!) One of the best parenting tips I’ve ever gotten is when things get stressful, just add water..and it’s the best one yet! My girls climb up and down their slide about 100 times and their nap time after is ALWAYS a great one - win/win for us all! 
  2. Nature Scavenger Hunt: If your kids are a bit older, you can create a list of items for them to find in the backyard or at the closest park - leaves, rocks, bugs, shapes in the sky, etc. Once they’re done, they get to enjoy their acai in the sun! If your babes are smaller like mine, we like to play ‘please touch’ in nature - where they get to crawl around in the grass, dirt, touch and smell flowers, leaves, etc. and they love it! 

The Tart Smoothie of the Summer:

Now, let’s dive into the star of the show - a refreshing smoothie that is both satisfying and delicious for the littles and adults alike, be sure to grab your SAMBAZON Unsweetened Frozen Açaí Superfruit Packs in the freezer section at your local grocery store, which make these a breeze to create!


  • SAMBAZON Unsweetened Frozen Açaí Superfruit Packs
  • 1 ½ cups unsweetened coconut water 
  • 1 serving vanilla protein powder 
  • ½ cup fresh raspberries 
  • 1 kiwi, peeled 
  • 1 lime, juiced 
  • 1 tbsp chia seeds  
  • Greek yogurt, to coat the side of the serving glasses. 


  1. Simply add all ingredients to a blender and combine until smooth! Add additional coconut water or water if needed to adjust for desired consistency. 
  2. Using the back of a spoon, scoop a bit of greek yogurt and ‘draw’ in a circle motion around your glass for a beautiful presentation of your smoothie (and extra protein too!) 

*This recipe will yield 2 smoothies or 1 adult + 2 kid smoothies! 


  • Get creative! Get your kiddos involved and allow them to add their favorite fruits or veggies to the smoothie. The more they get involved, the more interested and excited they will be about the finished product!
  • Make it a Bowl: Simply thicken the mixture by doing less coconut water and top with your favorite granola, nuts and fresh berries. If you opt to do this, each little helper can make a design on top of their acai bowl with the toppings and they will have a blast showcasing their inner picasso!

The Perfect Party 

Whether you’re hosting a birthday party, backyard barbeque, pool party or a simple playdate, incorporating acai into your summer festivities is a guaranteed hit for everyone involved! The gorgeous colors are so fun for the little ones, and parents can rest easy knowing that their creations are packed with undeniable health benefits for the kids and themselves! 

SAMBAZON Unsweetened Acai Packs make it easier than ever to enjoy the superfood in the comfort of your own home and the possibilities are endless on how you can enjoy them this summer! Next up in our house we will be trying popsicles, breakfast bowls and maybe even doing some baking too! 

Someone once told me that you only get a certain number of summers with your kids and to cherish every one that you have - they go fast! Making every summer memorable and having a nostalgic memory to look back on year after year such as an acai-themed soiree is the perfect way to celebrate - happy summer everyone!  

Alysia Pope

Pilates & Health Coach

Alysia Pope is a pilates trainer, health coach, Host of the Purely Podcast, and founder of PurelyYou: Your On-Demand Home for Becoming the Best Version of YOU with body loving pilates flows & motivational health coaching sessions.

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