SAMBAZON's Earth Day Achievements: Pioneering Sustainability through Partnership

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SAMBAZON is taking the time to reflect on our journey in sustainability progress as Earth Day approaches. Over the past year, we've achieved significant milestones in collaboration with valued partners, reaffirming our commitment to environmental stewardship. Let's explore three key initiatives that showcase SAMBAZON's dedication to our triple bottom-line business. 

Validation through a Second Party Opinion 

SAMBAZON's recent attainment of a Second Party Opinion holds significant implications for the company's sustainability efforts. You might be asking, what is a Second Party Opinion? A Second Party Opinion (SPO) provides an expert assessment of our Sustainability activities, proving they conform with the Green Bond Principles and Green Loan Principles. Adherence to these principles is voluntary, and signals to investors and other market agents that the company's framework is aligned with appropriate standards of performance sustainability and transparency. 

Sponsored by Bradesco, one of Brazil's largest banks, and conducted by the largest independent ESG consultant in Latin America, this validation confirms that SAMBAZON's ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) objectives meet international green finance standards. This recognition opens up avenues for SAMBAZON, granting access to more green loans and bonds while showcasing transparency in our sustainability program. 

Moreover, it reinforces our belief that SAMBAZON's ongoing sustainability programs are working.  Our activities including internal programs and certifications, like our Fair Trade and Organic requirements, were reviewed during this Second Party Opinion. These certifications and our biodiversity publication were used to help validate that the sustainable management of Açaí contributes to the preservation of the Amazon Rainforest. Additionally, the SPO showed alignment with the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals, which further underscores SAMBAZON's dedication to global sustainability initiatives. Overall, this Second Party Opinion reinforces SAMBAZON's position as a leader in sustainable business practices and demonstrates our commitment to environmental and social responsibility. 

SAMBAZON Received First-Ever Green ACC Financing Issued in Brazil 

SAMBAZON has marked a historic milestone by securing Green ACC Financing in collaboration with Banco do Brasil, making us the inaugural company in Brazil to benefit from this initiative. Green ACC are financing tools offered to environmentally friendly companies at competitive rates. They must show their work supports projects that benefit the planet and communities. This partnership exemplifies the power of private and public partnerships in driving sustainable development, positioning SAMBAZON at the forefront of environmentally conscious business practices.  

"SAMBAZON is honored to be the pioneer in securing the green ACC financing from Banco do Brazil. This deal not only strengthens our commitment to sustainability but also exemplifies our dedication to the triple bottom line—people, planet, and profit and rewards our robust ESG policy," commented Ricardo Perdigao, CFO & COO at SAMBAZON. 

As the first beneficiary of green ACC financing, SAMBAZON sets a precedent for future collaborations in advancing environmentally responsible business practices, demonstrating our leadership in sustainability initiatives while aligning with Banco do Brasil's commitment to supporting sustainable development. 

Conversations for Change: EcoEnterprises Fund & FinDev Art Exhibition 

SAMBAZON is proud to be supported by EcoEnterprises Fund III, one of our primary investors, who is dedicated to safeguarding biodiversity and empowering communities through investments into purpose-driven businesses. With over two decades of transformative work, EcoEnterprises Fund has become synonymous with sustainable investment, nurturing companies that prioritize environmental stewardship and social change. Our recent public art exhibition collaboration with EcoEnterprises and FinDev Canada, featuring SAMBAZON and its harvesters, serves as a testament to our shared values and collective impact. 

In a recent interview with Julia Santander, Managing Director of Investments at the EcoEnterprises Fund, we gained insights into their investment as a force for good. Julia explained, “What we loved about SAMBAZON from the beginning is the company’s pioneering role in building a sustainable bioeconomy in the middle of the Amazon, protecting this crucial ecosystem by partnering with communities locally. And we are honored to have been able to continue to work on this mission together with SAMBAZON for so many years and see the company transform from a startup into a mature growth business, reaching so many people along its value chain, from Açaí collectors to consumers all around the world.” 

Making Every Day Earth Day

We're honored to celebrate Earth Day by reflecting on SAMBAZON’s accomplishments over the last year. From being the first recipient of Green ACC Financing in Brazil to receiving important accolades, we aim to demonstrate our commitment to environmentally conscious business practices. Through our unwavering dedication to the triple bottom line—people, planet, and profit—we encourage others to join us on the path toward a greener, more equitable future. Together, let's make every day Earth Day. 

Kirra Bixby

Senior Marketing Manager, Digital Content and Loyalty at SAMBAZON

Kirra Bixby has been working in digital marketing for 8 years. Majoring in Communication and Media Studies with a focus on Journalism at the University of San Diego has provided her with a wealth of writing experience for different platforms and publications throughout her marketing career. Kirra is a lover of the outdoors, adventure, and all things Açaí, and enjoys sharing her perspective through digital media.

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