Steal the Look: SAMBAZON Halloween Edition

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Steal the Look: SAMBAZON Halloween Edition

The SAMBAZON team is often inspired by the colors, shapes, and textures of our local San Clemente office, the SAMBAZON Açaí Bowls location in Cardiff, and of course, the source of it all: the Brazilian Amazon. The animals of the Amazon Rainforest are our biggest source of inspiration, and they are all trendsetters in their own right.

Why are we inspired by the animals of the Rainforest?

We value shedding light on our animal friends in the Amazon region, especially those that need a bit more love when facing threats of endangerment or extinction. Our company was born in the Amazon Rainforest of South America, the most biologically diverse place on Earth, and the home to millions of different species, many of which are under threat due to deforestation and climate change. The Rainforest Trust Foundation is a great place to learn more about the species that call rainforests home, and find ways to contribute towards the conservation of their natural habitat.

Choosing the Right Halloween Costume

Finding the right Halloween costume idea can be a challenge, especially when you want to stand out from the crowd. This is why we've chosen some unique options for you to strut your stuff on this spooky holiday. We've assembled several handy outfit guides for you to browse for inspiration – for any Halloween celebration, occasion, or situation.

SAMBAZON Acai Bowl Shop


For our more avant-garde Halloween party attendees, take inspiration from SAMBAZON Açaí Bowls in Cardiff. This clean new wooden exterior with succulent planters exudes a sophisticated yet warm welcoming vibe. Match the energy of the Bowl Shop with your accessories - wooden bangles, a SAMBAZON Açaí shirt, and some green floral pants.

This costume goes out to those that want to play it cool but still partake in the dress-up portion of the evening. You'll look stylish, but you'll still embrace the festivities with a clear response to the question: "What's your costume?" Don't forget to include a smoothie as an accessory and a source of sustenance for a long day or night of celebrations!

Amazon Parrot

Amazon Parrot (Chestnut-fronted macaw)

Next up, our Amazon Parrot, inspired by the Chestnut-fronted macaw, is the perfect costume for those with a larger-than-life personality. These birds have a friendly, comical, and curious manner. Drape yourself in something green and swift, but still stiff enough to catch the wind and keep you flying. If you're truly committed, find a pair of bird feet shoe covers to really sell the look.

Accessorize with some red and blue tail feathers, might we suggest a colorful boa? For face decor, we recommend a fun feathered mask that you could likely find at your local costume store. If you're the creative type, go all in with some colorful makeup to complete the look. Here's a real creative costume idea for our certified bird lovers: accessorize with a feathery friend on your shoulder.


Sloth (Bradypus - three–toed sloths)

If feathers aren’t for you, go out on a limb, hang upside down from a tree branch, and give the slow-moving Sloth a try! Bring some attention to this important part of the rainforest ecosystem by embodying the spirit of the sloth: move slowly, don't hurry, be happy.

A pair of fluffy boots and a faux fur-lined coat are all you need for this furry friend. Long black claws will help you cling to trees and forage for leaves, you can even add twigs and buds for maximum effect. Finish off this look with black painted or powdered eyes, or fully commit with a store-bought mask for the full sloth effect.

If you're really committed, there are often plenty of sloth suits available to purchase at your local Halloween costume or thrift store. Just make sure to move very slowly all night, much to the detriment of anyone trying to maximize their Halloween candy count.

Acai Bowl from the Bowl Shop

Berry Açaí Bowl Ingredients

We're closing it out with a classic: the Berry Bowl from SAMBAZON Açaí Bowls in Cardiff. This costume could require some group participation to get all the ingredients involved. Gather a few friends, we bet at least one of them owns a banana suit (there's always one). 

Celebrate your most granola friend and have them dress up as your favorite brand - Pure Elizabeth, Alter Eco, Nature's Path, and Kind, to name a few. This could be as easy as dressing in brown cargo pants and a turtleneck with a brand name sign taped to their front, or take your creative skills to the next level with a full drawn-out cardboard box situation or paste actual granola to the suit.

Children make adorable strawberries, dress up your own or borrow a friend's, and top them with a strawberry hat for the perfect addition. We love this knitted strawberry beanie that serves the dual purpose of costume and a warm cap to snuggle up in.

And last, but the very not least, for the Açaí berry, you could easily dress in all purple (we've even seen some died purple hair), or embrace your inner berry with a full circular look a la Violet Beauregarde in Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory. You would need a hula hoop and a trip to Michael's to make this one happen, but you might just be the most comfortable person at the party (more Halloween treats for you, AKA Chocolate Açaí Bites!).

Have more friends that want to get in on the group costume? You could always add peanut butter, coconut flakes, honey, additional frozen fruit or a spoon to your list of ingredients for the perfect Açaí Bowl recipe. There's always room for more favorite toppings when making an Açaí Bowl.

Think about your Impact on Halloween

At SAMBAZON, we try to consider the impact of the materials we use and consume in all aspects of our lives. With the costume ideas above, or any other fun characters or creations that you may dress up as, consider how you can DIY your outfit with things that you already own. We like to get crafty with household items that might otherwise be thrown away, such as cardboard boxes, plastic containers, etc. You can also choose to reuse old costumes in new and creative ways.

Starting a Halloween Tradition

However you choose to craft your Açaí Berry Bowl, or whichever creative costume idea you decide to try out, it's always better to share the delicious powers with friends. Group costumes are a great way to get the family or your friends excited about a Halloween party, and maybe even start a Halloween tradition. Together we Açaí!

Kirra Bixby

Kirra Bixby is the Omni-Channel Marketing Manager at SAMBAZON and has been working in digital marketing for 7 years. Majoring in Communication and Media Studies with a focus on Journalism at the University of San Diego has provided her with a wealth of writing experience for different platforms and publications. Kirra is a lover of the outdoors, adventure, and all things Açaí, and enjoys sharing her perspective through digital media.

Together we Açaí

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