Miranda Kerr's KORA Glow Smoothie: SAMBAZON Partners with Erewhon and KORA Organics

In the world of health-conscious and eco-friendly living, Miranda Kerr, Erewhon, and SAMBAZON might just know a thing or two. Miranda Kerr, a globally renowned supermodel, and SAMBAZON have recently joined forces with Erewhon to unveil the irresistible "Miranda Kerr's KORA GLOW Smoothie." This smoothie is inspired by KORA Organics, Miranda Kerr's organic skincare line. Want to learn more about this radiant smoothie blend, and the meaningful collaboration behind it? Read on! 

15 Minutes
1 serving
Miranda Kerr's KORA Glow Smoothie: SAMBAZON Partners with Erewhon and KORA Organics

The Community Behind the Smoothie

On September 15th, Erewhon Market introduced "Miranda Kerr's KORA GLOW Smoothie" to the world, and it's taking the wellness community by storm. It’s been featured by many of Miranda’s friends on their social media accounts, including GOOP founder Gwenyth Paltrow, reality television star Kourtney Kardashian, the Zoe Report founder Rachel Zoe, supermodel Jasmine Tookes, and co-founder of Monday Swimwear Devin Brugman.  

Miranda aligned the launch of this smoothie to celebrate the launch of her brand KORA Organics Plant Stem Cell Retinol Alternative Moisturizer, and said that “we included some of my favorite skin-loving ingredients inspired by the age-defying range” in the smoothie. Miranda also recently announced she is pregnant with her fourth child. 

A Burst of Vibrant Goodness 

A month-long special offering, this eye-catching smoothie boasts a cloudy blue and pink base created with coconut cream, blue majik, and pitaya powder. A vibrant purple middle blend features SAMBAZON® Açaí, and it's all topped off with a delightful lilac-colored coconut yogurt dollop. But the true magic lies in its taste – creamy, fruity, and just the right amount of sweetness to leave you craving more. 

SAMBAZON's Commitment to Organic  

At the heart of this partnership is SAMBAZON's commitment to providing Certified Organic and Fair-Trade ingredients. Our Unsweetened Açaí adds an exotic berry twist to the smoothie without the need for added sugar. These Açaí Superfruit Packs are not only delicious but also Ketogenic Certified. Containing Antioxidant Vitamin A, Omegas 3, 6, 9, and fiber, they are a fitting choice for health-conscious individuals. 

Giving Back Through Organic Farming Research  

Part of the Erewhon program, "Miranda Kerr's KORA GLOW Smoothie" comes with a philanthropic twist. Miranda Kerr has chosen to support the Organic Farming Research Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing organic agriculture through research, education, and policy advocacy. With every purchase of this delectable smoothie, a portion of the proceeds goes to this cause, promoting more sustainable agriculture practices. 

The Vision Behind the Partnership  

Vicki Isip, SAMBAZON's Chief Marketing Officer, shared her thoughts on this collaboration: "SAMBAZON® is excited to be partnering with KORA Organics by Miranda Kerr and Erewhon to present this vibrant, colorful smoothie. The donation to Organic Farming Research Foundation furthered our excitement to participate as it naturally aligns with SAMBAZON’s commitment to organic ingredients." 

Make Your Own KORA GLOW Smoothie at Home  

For those who can't make it to an Erewhon location, don't fret. The detailed recipe for "Miranda Kerr's KORA GLOW Smoothie" is featured below. You can recreate this radiant smoothie in the comfort of your own kitchen, allowing you to experience the glow wherever you are. 


Base & Toppings 

  • 1 ounce coconut cream 
  • ¼ teaspoon blue majik 
  • ¼ teaspoon pitaya powder 


  1. Swirl 2-3 tablespoons coconut cream, 1/8 teaspoon blue majik powder, and 1/8 teaspoon pitaya powder around the bottom of a glass so you get a vibrant cloudy coloring. 
  2. Blend up the rest of the ingredients until smooth.  
  3. Then pour the smoothie mixture into the glass.  
  4. Top with a scoop of chilled coconut cream and dust with the rest of the pitaya and blue majik powder. 

Where to Find SAMBAZON Products  

SAMBAZON® Unsweetened Açaí Packs, Açaí Energy Drinks, and Açaí Sorbet can be found at Erewhon Market, as well as in various major natural stores and grocers nationwide. You can also conveniently shop for SAMBAZON products via Instacart. 

And That’s a Wrap! 

"Miranda Kerr's KORA GLOW Smoothie" is a delightful fusion of beauty, consciousness, and delicious taste. SAMBAZON's dedication to organic ingredients, Erewhon's commitment to wellness, and Miranda Kerr's passion for a wholesome lifestyle have come together to create this unique collaboration. Enjoy this radiant smoothie at an Erewhon and know that your purchase contributes to the growth of sustainable, organic agriculture through the Organic Farming Research Foundation. It's a win-win for your well-being and the planet. 

Kirra Bixby

Senior Marketing Manager, Digital Content and Loyalty at SAMBAZON

Kirra Bixby has been working in digital marketing for 8 years. Majoring in Communication and Media Studies with a focus on Journalism at the University of San Diego has provided her with a wealth of writing experience for different platforms and publications throughout her marketing career. Kirra is a lover of the outdoors, adventure, and all things Açaí, and enjoys sharing her perspective through digital media.

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