Why Choose Our Organic Açaí?

It’s simple, really. Açaí isn’t a trend—it’s a nutritious, delicious powerhouse! In fact, this purple berry is thought to be the most powerful superfood in the Amazon. Wild harvested by hand from palm trees for centuries, Açaí is high in antioxidants and healthy omegas 3, 6, and 9, while free of naturally-occurring sugars. But not all Açaí is created equal. SAMBAZON brings you the highest-quality Açaí available: Fair Trade organically-grown, ethically sourced—and extra delicious.
From the palm of the tree to the palm of your hand.


One of the most commonly asked questions we get asked here at SAMBAZON is "How do I make an Açaí Bowl with a thick and creamy consistency"? There's no one better to teach this lesson than the Açaí Bowl Master herself, Earthy Andy!

Learn How to Açaí Bowl
  • cut open frozen acai packets with a knife


    After years of opening packs, trust us, the easiest (and quickest!) way is to cut it right in half with a sharp knife and break into your blender.

  • choose how many frozen smoothie packs to use


    It depends on your recipe. We always recommend starting with 1 Frozen Açaí packet for a blended smoothie and 2 Açaí packets for smoothie bowls.

  • a thick smoothie bowl with frozen banana


    Start with a little liquid and add more as needed until you reach your desired consistency. Add a frozen banana or frozen blueberries to make your bowl thicker and even more delicious.

  • sprinkle your favorite toppings like coconut flakes, sliced banana and hemp seeds


    A great smoothie bowl is all about the acai, but you can’t forget the toppings. Mix it up with at least 3 textures of your favorite toppings, like fresh fruit, crunchy granola, and shredded coconut.

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try a frozen smoothie or acai bowl recipe with smoothie packs

The Best Açaí Packets for Bowls & Smoothies

Blend it. Bowl it. Bring it! Our always organic Açaí Superfruit Packs are all you need to make delicious, nutritious Açaí bowls and smoothies at home. Whether you crave performance-driven protein or nutrient-rich greens, you can add all kinds of ingredients to our Açaí Packets and frozen Superfruits to blend your best smoothie recipes.

  • acai palm fronds with berries

    What is Açaí?

    Açaí (AH-SIGH-EE) is a berry that grows on palm trees along the riverbanks of the Amazon rainforest and made famous for its use in Açaí bowls.

  • Acai berries in basket

    Why SAMBAZON Açaí?

    SAMBAZON believes in transparency. We understand how important it is to know the food you and your family consume is of the highest quality, while also being ethically sourced, transported, and processed.


What is the Best Way to Eat Acai?

Our favorite way to eat Açaí is in a bowl or smoothie using one of our frozen acai puree packets. For Açaí recipe ideas, check out our customizable recipes!

What's in a Frozen Acai Packet?

Our 100 gram frozen acai packets contain organic acai puree from Brazil. In other words, the purple delicious powers of a superfood berry from the Amazon are brought to you in convenient frozen acai smoothie packs.

How Do You Use Frozen Acai Packs?

You can do it all with acai puree packets! From acai bowl recipes, to acai smoothie recipes, to acai dessert recipes, we have a full range of delicious ways to eat Açaí for you to explore.

How Do You Defrost Frozen Acai Packets?

To prep your packets, slightly thaw them at room temperature or soak under warm water for 1-2 minutes before cutting open. It also can help to cut open the packs like a pro by using a sharp non-serrated knife to cut them in half. This will help the blending process smoother by making the Açaí chunks smaller.

How Do You Blend Frozen Acai Packs?

Want to get a thick, creamy, delicious Açaí bowl every time you blend acai bowl packets? Watch this video tutorial on how to make deliciousAçaí bowls at home.

How Many Calories are in an Acai Packet?

Our unsweetened Açaí packets have 70 calories per serving, and our Original Açaí packets contain100 calories per serving.

Do Frozen Acai Packets Expire?

Yes, acai smoothie packs do expire, and all SAMBAZON products have an expiration date printed on the back of the product packaging. Please reference this for any inquiries regarding product expiration.

What Should I Mix With an Acai Packet?

The taste of Açai often depends on what you mix it with. If you blend in other sweet berries, chocolate, or honey, you will find a sweeter taste when you make an acai bowl. But if you choose to go the pineapple or orange ingredient route, you'll get a fusion of sweet and citrus. Açai has often been described as slightly tart with an earthy underlying taste. It's a very versatile fruit that pairs well with many different ingredients.

Why is Acai Always Frozen? 

Fresh Açaí berries will not be found in the produce section of grocery stores since the berries themselves have a short shelf life. They are instead imported to the U.S. and sold as a frozen fruit puree to keep the product safe and fresh through transportation. But don't worry! Frozen acai packets taste absolutely delicious. We also have other acai products that aren't frozen, like our energy drinks and juices.

Where Can I Buy Frozen Acai Packs?

You can buy acai packets online directly from SAMBAZON, or at many grocery stores near you including Costco, Whole Foods Market, Safeway, Publix, Kroger, and Albertsons. You'll find them in the frozen aisle. It's easy to find where to buy acai at the closest grocery store near you!

What are the Benefits of Eating Frozen Acai Packs?

Açaí has many benefits. It adds a refreshingly exotic twist to smoothies that comes with a nutritional boost from the antioxidants, omegas and fibers. It’s also extremely customizable to your own taste buds and dietary preferences. Plus, it adds beautiful purple color to your meal!

What Makes Acai a Superfood?

Many nutritionists claim this berry as a superfruit, because of itsantioxidant and nutrient levels. Açai berries are wild harvested and have substantial health benefits such as being one of the few commercially sold fruits with virtually no naturally occurring sugar, antioxidants similar to red wine, and healthy omega fatty acids similar to olive oil.

Why is Acai So Expensive?

Açaí is sourced from the Amazonian rainforests -- with the process of harvesting, processing, and exporting, it is no surprise that Açaí is not the cheapest fruit on the market. SAMBAZON ensures that every penny is spent on sourcing the highest quality product possible, with our own supply chain coming directly from the farmers. When comparing to other superfoods, our products are reasonable priced for the best acai brand quality they deliver.

Does Acai Have Too Much Sugar?

Our SAMBAZON Unsweetened Frozen Açaí Packets are made with unsweetened Açaí berry and 0g of sugar.

Where to Buy Our Organic Açaí Packets

There’s no need to trek to the Amazon. A selection of our assortment of Açaí products can be found in any major retailer, including Costco, Whole Foods Market, Safeway, Publix, Kroger, and Albertsons. Shop, stock up, and save lots by making Açaí Bowls and smoothies at home.

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