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  • Dragon Fruit Smoothie Bowl
  • Dragon Fruit Smoothie Bowl
  • Dragon Fruit Smoothie Bowl
  • Dragon Fruit Smoothie Bowl
  • Dragon Fruit Smoothie Bowl
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Ready to Eat Bowls

Dragon Fruit Smoothie Bowl

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5.9 ounces per bowl

  • A ready to eat, on-the-go organic Açaí bowl that thaws in minutes.
  • Creamy & delicious blend of red dragon fruit for an exotic flavor that is bursting with the taste of summer
  • Includes toasted coconut flakes topping
  • GUT HEALTH: Includes Prebiotics for balanced gut health support​
  • 250 calories and 19g sugar per bowl (with topping)​
  • Container made from 100% Plant Fiber
  • Photos show a serving suggestion, fresh fruit is not included.



1 Organic * Fair Trade *FFL Acai from Brazil, Fair Trade certified according to the Fair for Life standard.

Nutrition Facts


Why choose our SAMBAZON Ready to Eat Açaí Bowls?

Fast. Affordable. Sustainable. What else could you ask for?

What do I do with the SAMBAZON Ready to Eat Açaí Bowl packaging when I finish devouring its delicious contents?

The best part of our SAMBAZON Ready to Eat Açaí Bowls? The packaging is made with 100% plant fiber container & recyclable packaging! You can reuse, recycle, or even upcycle these bad boys! Check out this awesome video to see how to upcycle your bowl by taking something no longer in use and giving it a second life and new function.

What is the SAMBAZON Ready to Eat Bowl packaging made of?

We are proud to say that the packaging of our SAMBAZON Ready To Eat Açaí Bowls is made from 100% plant-based fiber from recycled paper. Every part of the packaging, from the bowl, to the film, sleeve, and adhesive is made from PFAS free, FSC certified plant-based material. We realize that we can continue to improve to reduce our impact on plastic pollution and are constantly working hard to do so by testing new, sustainable solutions destined to change the face of the industry.

Why Choose Our Ready to Eat Açaí Bowls?

Fast. Affordable. Sustainable. And now grab and go! Our 100% plant-based, recyclable bowls are a convenient way to reap the benefits of the world’s most powerful superfood—without extra time or a blender. Wild harvested by hand, Açaí is high in antioxidants and healthy omegas 3, 6, and 9, while free of naturally-occurring sugars. But not all Açaí is created equal. Sambazon is fairtrade, organically-grown, ethically sourced, nutritious—and extra delicious. 

Where to Buy Our Ready-to-Eat Dragon Fruit Smoothie Bowl

There’s no need to trek to the Amazon. Our Açaí products can be found at or any major retailer, including Costco, Whole Foods Market, Target, Safeway, Publix, Kroger, and Albertsons. Stock up and save lots by keeping these Açaí must haves on hand.

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