A Deep Dive into Brazilian Lemonade

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A Deep Dive into Brazilian Lemonade

What is Brazilian Lemonade you ask? We are here to pour you a glass of knowledge on one of Brazil’s iconic beverages! Since our brand roots are Brazilian, we figured it would only be fair to share what we know so you can enjoy Brazilian Lemonade yourself! 

Why Should I Learn About Brazilian Lemonade? 

Why learn about this delicious beverage? Well, it all circulates around the idea of National Lemonade Day! 

National Lemonade Day first began in Houston, Texas and was celebrated on the first Sunday of May. It is now nationally celebrated on August 20th. 

Regardless of the date of celebration, spring and summer months are the perfect time to enjoy a refreshing glass of fresh lemonade, or as we like to put our own spin on things here at SAMBAZON, Brazilian Lemonade. Brazilian Lemonade is a refreshing and tangy drink that we think is best paired with a bowl of Açaí. 

The History of Brazilian Lemonade 

Brazilian Lemonade is thought to be originated in Minas Gerias, Brazil by a street vendor. It has likely evolved from traditional lemonade recipes that have been made in Brazil for generations. Recipes are bound to change over the years as people make it more their own! It has now become a popular and iconic drink enjoyed by people worldwide. 

Brazilian Lemonade is more than just a refreshing beverage; it holds cultural significance as a symbol of Brazilian cuisine and hospitality. It is often served at gatherings and celebrations, proving it can be enjoyed by people of all ages!  

Is it Lemonade or Limeade? 

In Portuguese, the word limão is used interchangeably for limes and lemons, which is why this drink is referred to as Lemonade although it’s made with limes. This could stem from the fact that lemons aren't a fruit that is typically grown in Brazil. However, they are still available in grocery stores and markets in Brazil, in areas with a demand for imported or specialty fruits. 

With only a few ingredients, this drink is simple to make, proving it to be a great choice for a warm weather refreshment!  

Have you heard of Swiss Lemonade? 

This drink has been referred to by many names. In Portuguese, it is called "Limonada Suíça," which translates to "Swiss Lemonade" in English. This is the reasoning behind why the terms Swiss Lemonade and Brazilian Lemonade are used interchangeably. 

Condensed Milk was also marketed by the Swiss company Nestlé in Brazil in the 1940's. Since this drink includes sweetened condensed milk, this is also a tie to why it is referred to as Swiss Lemonade. You’ll often find sweetened condensed milk in other traditional Brazilian sweets and treats. 

Other Fruits from Brazil and the Brazilian Amazon 

Many other delicious fruits besides limes grow and thrive in Brazil. You can guess which one we’re partial to: Açaí. Curious where Açaí comes from? Açaí comes from small purple berries that hang from the fronds of large palm trees. People know açaí for its antioxidants, delicious taste, and bright purple color. 

Many know of Açaí from the delicious purple smoothies and bowls they buy at their local juice bar or cafe. SAMBAZON Açaí is Certified Organic and Fair Trade. 

At SAMBAZON, we enjoy being able to provide you with the Delicious Powers of Açaí to you no matter where you are. Whether you are visiting one of our SAMBAZON Açaí Bowls locations, or picking up Açaí packets at your local grocery store, there are plenty of Purple Smiles to share. 

Another popular fruit that grows in the Amazon is Acerola, which grows on shrubs and looks like a red cherry. Other common fruits native to Brazil include mangoes, guavas, coconuts, and jackfruits. 

What are the ingredients to Brazilian Lemonade? 

The ingredients to Brazilian Lemonade are quite minimal, although they lead to a whole lot of flavor. Recipes for this drink often include whole fresh limes, sugar, cold water, and sweetened condensed milk. 

You simply add all the ingredients into a blender (yes, even the skin of the limes!), and blend until smooth. You should strain this drink before serving it. You can serve this beverage over ice or on its own! 

Try Our Take on Brazilian Limeade in Cardiff! 

At SAMBAZON Açaí Bowls in Cardiff, our Brazilian roots inspire us to create our own take on traditional recipes. We currently have 3 different types of Brazilian Limeade on our menu; Traditional, Açaí, and Dragon Fruit. They’re delicious when paired with an Açaí Bowl. 

We are offering these 3 Brazilian limeades for a limited time and recommend trying them while you still can! 

Jenna Arend

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